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police filter | private, backdated jan 28
This is an automated message, sent to all police and affiliates. This message has been activated because Kate Beckett has not checked in with her device in 48 hours.

video |
If you're receiving this message -- hrm, first off I might have been kidnapped by a psychotic genius vampire so head to Oh Aces and make sure Myrnin's still sane. If he's sane and I'm nowhere to be found, your next stop is the Hall of the Missing. And to find him a new babysitter to make sure he's staying within the confines of his parole.

Now, here comes the difficult part. I know a lot of you have been around awhile and some of you not so long. With me gone, it's really up to you to determine who takes my position, but I'm going to strongly recommend that you beg the new girl to do it. Ms. Lynde's capable, smart and she knows procedure even better than I do. When I say strongly I mean; if I was still here I'd be signing the paperwork over to her myself. As in; it's all drawn up and ready to go.

My files will be opened automatically to whomever you do select to receive highest clearance and the title of Chief. From then on, it's their show -- records are a mess, departments are barely held together and we have almost no budget. ...Have fun with that.

Aside from that, you'll find public directives and paper trails in my files. Don't worry, Chris -- if you shockingly do feel like reading up on those, you'll find hard copies in my filing cabinet under your name.

And if I'm back again in a few days, it'll to be a long deserved vacation. For now though, this is Beckett saying farewell.

[ ooc: obviously kate will not be around to speak with everyone, but cops should feel free to use the post to discuss whatever needs to be ICly, don't worry about my inbox as i'm turning off my notifs! feel free to handwave anything you'd find in beckett's files/instructions/etc (that doesn't damage her character please?) and remember that she and cameron were probably attached at the hip laying out procedure & etc! let me know if the backdating doesn't work out for you all and i'll be sure to change it! o7 ]
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An announcement to you all: Rosey's Bakery has been shut down and is under investigation by the police department while its owner has been arrested for distribution of poison via its pies.

Anyone who has eaten any products made at the bakery within the past month should notify a police officer. We do have a cure administered by mouth available.

We'd also like to ask for some help identifying a messenger suspected to have aided the bakery in distribution of the goods. If anyone has any details on a man named [NPC McDuder], please give the precinct a call.

police report; made public by request )

[ooc: Trying to get Aion's dirty deeds progressing! [OOC info 01, OOC info 02]. If anyone would rather I not link to their posts, let me know. If I've missed/need to fix anything holler and I'll hop to!]

IC Contact

Dec. 31st, 2010 01:28 pm
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This is Detective Kate Beckett's phone. If you need help, or have an immediate emergency, please contact the precinct.

[1] Police Contact (GENERAL)
[2] On-duty Contact (Personal voicemail)
[3] Personal Call
[4] Personal Voicemail
[5] Personal Text

[ooc: please use the linked contacts for any official police business, including calling in an emergency, looking to join the force, etc, thanks!]
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[Designated action post for passersby. Beckett can be found at:
-Her desk at the precinct
-The lobby, elevator, etc of Building 6
-On her way to work
-A random cafe]
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private | off network )

open to the public
Be careful with all the snow back, everyone. The holidays are to spend time with friends and family, but party responsibly. Don't spend it in an overnight visit with your neighborhood cops. We like you, just not that much.

police filter | unhackable )

castle family filter; )
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The police department asks that anyone that witnessed or may have knowledge of any vampire attacks, missing persons gone unsolved or suspect memory tampering share the information with us. You can call the precinct or contact me here. Those who wish may remain anonymous.

This is regarding the arrest of a vampire named Myrnin, responsible for multiple kidnappings and murders.

In addition, anyone with information on a man/vampire called Sorrow should come forward. Investigation is currently under way into other possible murders enacted by this man.

police filter | private
We've lost another forensics specialist. Angela Montenegro is officially off the force.

police reports | made public upon request )

off network | private )

[ooc: Cruuudely put together casefiles! Cops, feel free to add in your journals, just link back to whatever previous entries there are. Citizens you are able to see/speculate/act on them, they are public record ^^]
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I'm fine. If anyone's wondering, I'm most wanted for my brain, apparently. Again, fine. No need to ask, see? Working from home, you can calm down.

filtered to the named below |
Winchester, Hidaka, Pendleton. We need to talk.

police filter | unhackable
We've got some new additions I wasn't able to get to before that fun disappearing act I did and the curse. Please welcome Sam Tyler to Intel and Raiden and Aya Fujimiya, correct me if I just butchered your name, to Special Assault. You boys should be all set with IDs, weapons and probation clearances. If anything's not in order, let me or Mr. Pendleton know, and it'll be taken care of.

Anything to report? Get it in now, before I'm back in the office and making you all hate me. There a reason I'm seeing Winchester, Pendleton and Hidaka's names all over everything? I'm going to assume that everyone else is bogged down with cases of their own, for your sakes.

filtered to castle |
Thanks for staying with me at the hospital. But if I don't get back in the office by the weekend, I might shoot someone.

off network | private )

[ooc: Omg I am so sorry for her bitchiness. She's...yeah. Stressed?]
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accidental public audio | meant to be a direct call to justin
This is, uh-- Beckett. He's gone but I don't know how long it is.

Justin, I need you to-- Castle has my locker. [No, not the right word...] Safe. Ken should swat or...I need to.

Underground, maybe. The obstacle course...the missings. One man-- no, not a man. My head-- not two suspects. All the same perp. His...he's...

Justin? If I don't make-- you need to build. It's coming and you all need to be ready.

[ooc: Not looking good for Kate, here. Glamored, holey memory. Also cursed, and stolen a window of opportunity. Don't expect it to last long... Eta; there will be a very unpleasant thread near the end of the tags, once she's caught.]
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accidental video | backdated to about midnight last night
Hey, look it's the obstacle course.

Oh, wait. Is there supposed to be red paint scraped from the tire walk toward the entrance?

Strewn along that path are a few items. A gun, a shoe, a bag -- look at all those files spilled out of it. Also the NYPD badge that doesn't hold any weight in the City but makes its owner feel a little safer, somehow.

Guess it didn't really work this time. That paint is definitely of the blood variety.

text | about 10 hours after the video broadcast
This message has been automatically released because Kate Beckett has not made check-in with her device in 12 hours...

Regardless of whether I've left the City or been otherwise compromised, there remain a few things to be sorted. Justin, you should check my desk, third drawer. There are directives for how to move forward in the department in my absence.

Castle, you'll want the safe in the kitchen cupboard. If you hadn't already found it; I'm sure you're able to guess the combonation. It will give you full access to my device, computer and files.

[ooc: Evidence to be found; crime scene can obviously be said to be Beckett's abduction, given items left behind and the note. Her directives to Justin leave him in administrative charge, and it's up to him how long to wait to seek out new chiefship. Feel free to poke through Beckett's private entries upon collection of her device, etc. PM me for questions!]
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I know that the police often catch flak for being useless or pointless, and I can't offer glamour or glory, but we're better set up now to take in recruits. If you're interested, please drop us your name along with a listing of your qualifications, or any other skills that might be useful to us. We'll put you through an interview, whatever background check we can manage and depending on your experience, some form and length of training.

If you're not interested, I'm sure you'll feel free to tell me how very useless we are. I'll be sure and get to you right away.

private | off network )

castle family filter | probably hackable )

police filter minus castle | unhackable )

[ooc: Ooops. Also, I am hitting tags slowly, but this needed to get up today.]
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[Hello, City. There is a very large black nose poking at the camera of Beckett's device. Is it a dog nose? Looks like it, but-- when it pulls back a little it reveals something much, much larger than a dog.]

Ah, there we are. Please, don't be alarmed-- especially those of you working in the police department today. My name is Idris. Yes, I am a polar bear, no I am not Kate herself.

I am going to let you know that there is a lot more that she could be doing to you to try to keep peace in this place, you know. She's actually very--

What are you doing!? Get off of there! You can't just--? [This would be Beckett trying to get her device back from a very large animal, and failing.]

I suppose you shouldn't have taken that coffee break...

How did you even turn it on with those paws?!

[ooc: Dæmon Day for Beckett, and her counterpart is a bit more ... openly aggressive (and mouthy!) than she. :\]
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First off, there will be a mandatory assembly later this week on acceptable Network usage. You're representing Cutler's, gentleman, maybe you could act like it? I'm looking at you Misters Freeman.

The Debate Team, and no we will not be called The Master Debators, is looking for new recruits. We meet Wednesdays after class for an hour and study everything from current events to pop culture. Sign ups are right inside my door and the first tryout will be next Wednesday. We have 8 spots to fill, 4 main and 4 alternates. Good luck!

Aside from that, please come to class today prepared. You will not need your book. Or paper. Or pencils. You will need to be on time and you will have to contribute at least once or you get a 0 for the day. Today's first lesson in government is a basic one; you'll be setting up a Constitution, voting on the rules therein and signing it. I'll also take submissions here over the Network.

Have a productive day, people.
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castle filter | unhackable
Castle, Alexis. I want you locked in that beach house. Doors windows, everything. Do not open the door for anyone but me. I have a gun in my drawer along with one in the ottoman. Don't panic, be prepared. Laszlo escaped.

police filter | unhackable
I need all hands on deck -- Laszlo's out. Start at the prison, I want people stationed at the Underground entrances -- Special Assault, put together a team and get to the damn deity office. Get him back, get him locked down. I don't care how, just get Laszlo Jamf back in prison. Now.

video | public
[Beckett looks worn, pissed and as if she's trying to appear less than frantic. Feeling like a failure has become a full time job in this place, and now she's not even sure she can protect her own friends.]
Earlier today, [ profile] laszlo_jamf escaped from prison. I won't insult you and make this a police-only matter, but please understand that this is a very dangerous situation. We're establishing a manhunt as we speak, but again I have to ask for those who are suited and willing to help. We're combing the area around the prison at the moment, mobilizing to the Underground entrances and sending officers out to the deity office.

[ooc: if other cops want to make posts about the break, feel free. if citizens want to comment on the sudden mass of police (which really isn't technically all that much but it would be an increased presence, feel free! business owners, maybe the cops ran through or cased your shopped in their search? also, feel free to have your character join up and search for laz, put together your own groups to hunt his ass down -- but don't expect to find him. yet. i will be out in a couple of hours and largely absent all tomorrow, so feel free to hijack and mobilize. beckett will authorize anything short of harming others to find laz.]
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You know, just once. Just once I would love it if you'd follow the freakin' rules, Castle. This-- whatever this is, it is supposed to stay out of the office! And now I think I'm hit with this curse and I just-- wanna wring your neck!

[Here, everyone. Have a generous view of Beckett's gardenias. She should be elated, right?]

I'm getting to the end of my rope here, Rick. Last warning. Next time you get a demonstration of my judo, close up and personal.
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Alexis Castle
5'6", red hair, blue eyes
Last seen in jeans and t-shirt

A seventeen-year-old girl named Alexis Castle went missing two days ago, July 7 at about 11PM. So far, we've been unable to locate her with the small search party we'd put together. A second search party is gathering together tomorrow morning at eight in front of the precinct and we could use a lot more volunteers. In fact, I'm begging for more. Her father, Rick, her friend, Blue and I will be passing out flyers with her photo and other information for those willing to help us in the search.

Otherwise, this is a photo of her for those of you who are unable to help us look for her. If you see her, please call one of the three people mentioned before. Alexis is very important to her family, and she's from a world where magic and science fiction are just in books. She's made some of you free cookies and probably served you coffee at some point, said kind words to you when things weren't going well. She probably wouldn't like me saying it, but she's just a child, and she needs our help.

And no. She is not in the Hall.

[ooc: Search party put-together for Lazslo's Kidnapping Plot. Other posts: Alexis' initial disappearance, her experiment log, Rick noticing her missing. OOC post #1, OOC post #2. Volunteers are welcome, though we won't be finding Alexis in the City; Beckett will just be extremely grateful! It's still just before the 10th in my timezone, so please no fourth wall shenanigans here, thank you. :)]
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public, voice;
This is Chief Kate Beckett, making a quick note as a courtesy. You may not recognize me when I come into the office this morning. I'm, uh. Male. Castle, I took the liberty of raiding your wardrobe.

Go ahead, get the laughter out now. [And Kate flips to video, linefacing and looking fairly unamused. And manly!]

police filter, voice;
It's been over a week. What does everyone have so far, because this needs to be cleaned up yesterday.

[ooc: Kate Beckett is manly! Responses from [ profile] nicholasheat. As far as the police business, I figure we're moving along through the investigation stage, so along with what anyone comments here, we'd likely be to the point where they submit that they've no evidence supporting the accusations and might even possibly have alibis and other evidence refuting the accusations? Sorry I've been a little behind and chaotic with the open threads on this plot, I'm not really absolutely sure where we're supposed to be at this point, so correct me if I'm mistaken! :) Alsoooo bendytime to the morning if that's okay?]
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Public, text
Pain is punishment. Persuasion. It's another tool in a person's arsenal to achieve what they want. It has different variations and intensities but pain is something everyone feels in some capacity. It can be intentional or it can be an accident but it will always change both the person giving and the person receiving. It's universal.

In essence, the police where I come from are supposed help prevent that kind of pain. More realistically, we react to others' pain. Depending on the amount of resources we have and bodies with badges available, we're either successful or not. When we're found to be less than required, that's pain. And really when you think about it, jailing the man who kidnapped someone's 2-year-old daughter, that doesn't make it hurt any less.

You can take the pain and whine about it or you can use it and hit back. Whether it's delivered physically with a fist, emotionally with harm to someone you care about or a little of both, in betrayal and disloyalty to what you vowed, there's always a way to fight back. Once you find the source of the pain, nothing can stop you from returning it. In our case, it's in the system of the courts and prison. Sometimes, admittedly, it isn't satisfying enough. Naturally, you want to give back exactly what you got. Sometimes you want to say screw the rules and let them feel what you felt.

But first and foremost I'm a cop. So whatever pain is in store, I'm only gonna hit back within the rules set down that I vowed to follow as a cop. No matter what, everyone walks away changed for the worse, but at some point you realize that giving back equal doesn't make it any better either. Anyone capable of causing pain is capable of feeling it. What makes a person different is how they choose to use that knowledge.

Private to Ray Carling )

Police Filter, a few hours later )

[ooc: This should have gone up on Tuesday, sorry! If I'm missing anything else, please let me know. I've been all backwards this week. Note the Police message is a few hours after Beckett talks with Ray and Tsurugi, so if you've a character close to either of them that would have heard, feel free to assume they already knew. Whoever wants to leak the info along with Chris, feel free! :)

eta: Nix the Tsurugi meeting, apparently things are being shifted around! Also, notifs are fucked again so yeah.]
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private, off network )

public; video | flagged POLICE
I'd like to thank the citizens who stepped up to give us a hand in taking care of the sudden onslaught of crime in the City. It's good to know when it comes down to it, we can work together. Please be advised that while the violence has subsided, it is not entirely gone. Not that you need the warning, but be careful out there.

police memo (text; paper copies delivered to the LoM crew) | unhackable )

to romana | text, unhackable )

public | no flags )
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police flag | public
This is Chief Kate Beckett. If there is anyone in the City with experience with viruses of this nature, your help would be appreciated. If you know someone, please direct them to an officer.

People, if you can get in and stay inside a secure area, it's your best bet at staying safe and out of harm's way. Officers are patrolling, and if you need help flag up a message to us and we'll be there as soon as possible. Some...faster than others.

If you have the capability, extra help in removing the sheep and containing anyone infected is more than welcome. Please do not put yourself in harm's way if you're not experienced or otherwise capable of providing help.

filter to the castle | private )

filter to hospital employees | flagged to dr. chase )

filter to the 'special' part of special assault | yes, ken and dean this means YOU )

action | at the precinct )

[ooc: i'm off to work in about an hour, but feel free to bombard with questions and other officers feel free to interject and quickspam on your own from the meeting if you'd like!]


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