Jul. 9th, 2010

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Alexis Castle
5'6", red hair, blue eyes
Last seen in jeans and t-shirt

A seventeen-year-old girl named Alexis Castle went missing two days ago, July 7 at about 11PM. So far, we've been unable to locate her with the small search party we'd put together. A second search party is gathering together tomorrow morning at eight in front of the precinct and we could use a lot more volunteers. In fact, I'm begging for more. Her father, Rick, her friend, Blue and I will be passing out flyers with her photo and other information for those willing to help us in the search.

Otherwise, this is a photo of her for those of you who are unable to help us look for her. If you see her, please call one of the three people mentioned before. Alexis is very important to her family, and she's from a world where magic and science fiction are just in books. She's made some of you free cookies and probably served you coffee at some point, said kind words to you when things weren't going well. She probably wouldn't like me saying it, but she's just a child, and she needs our help.

And no. She is not in the Hall.

[ooc: Search party put-together for Lazslo's Kidnapping Plot. Other posts: Alexis' initial disappearance, her experiment log, Rick noticing her missing. OOC post #1, OOC post #2. Volunteers are welcome, though we won't be finding Alexis in the City; Beckett will just be extremely grateful! It's still just before the 10th in my timezone, so please no fourth wall shenanigans here, thank you. :)]


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