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I know that the police often catch flak for being useless or pointless, and I can't offer glamour or glory, but we're better set up now to take in recruits. If you're interested, please drop us your name along with a listing of your qualifications, or any other skills that might be useful to us. We'll put you through an interview, whatever background check we can manage and depending on your experience, some form and length of training.

If you're not interested, I'm sure you'll feel free to tell me how very useless we are. I'll be sure and get to you right away.

private | off network
-Grudges against police: Master, Rip, Road -- Rido, somehow?
-External chaotic force

Regardless of who, it's about freaking time. Surveillance or not, I'm definitely being followed. Planning to take an alternate route, and won't chance going back to the apartment right away. Maybe swing by the firing range, pick up groceries; mix up the routine a little. Need to flush them out. There are no coincidences.

castle family filter | probably hackable
Hey, you two. Gonna be another late night. Administrative work; I don't think I've been an actual cop since this all started. But anyway, yeah. Don't wait up for me.

police filter minus castle | unhackable
Going home on time for once, I need to stare at this stuff from a different vantage point. Justin, I'll be taking some paperwork home with me; so don't worry about the cases I've had out.

[ooc: Ooops. Also, I am hitting tags slowly, but this needed to get up today.]
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