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I'm fine. If anyone's wondering, I'm most wanted for my brain, apparently. Again, fine. No need to ask, see? Working from home, you can calm down.

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Winchester, Hidaka, Pendleton. We need to talk.

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We've got some new additions I wasn't able to get to before that fun disappearing act I did and the curse. Please welcome Sam Tyler to Intel and Raiden and Aya Fujimiya, correct me if I just butchered your name, to Special Assault. You boys should be all set with IDs, weapons and probation clearances. If anything's not in order, let me or Mr. Pendleton know, and it'll be taken care of.

Anything to report? Get it in now, before I'm back in the office and making you all hate me. There a reason I'm seeing Winchester, Pendleton and Hidaka's names all over everything? I'm going to assume that everyone else is bogged down with cases of their own, for your sakes.

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Thanks for staying with me at the hospital. But if I don't get back in the office by the weekend, I might shoot someone.

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A week. A week of being fairly certain I was going to die for some crazy monster's science project. And the only reason I'm able to record this is because he let me go. I was allowed to keep my life.

Things need to change. Crying over all of this isn't going to help anything, we just have to start being better. Preparation, maybe. I'll have to ask Justin what he thinks about an auxiliary unit, on top of what we have. Maybe volunteers for a response team to the super human or sub human or whatever it's called these days.

At least my absence didn't put too big a hiccup in the force. They seemed to handle everything okay, from what I can gauge on the Network. I'm a little concerned for Justin, though. He's just a kid and he's obviously got extra baggage in his past but still. I'm not sure a counselor would even help him with this. Winchester and Hidaka, yeah, they can handle gruesome field work. I'm not even sure why he was there on his day off.

Need to take a bath. The bastard ruined a week for me, I'm not letting him ruin my me-time. Then I'm back in the office later today if I can. If Castle stops mothering me.

[ooc: Omg I am so sorry for her bitchiness. She's...yeah. Stressed?]
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