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thiswallinside ([personal profile] thiswallinside) wrote2010-05-25 01:25 pm

16th arrest | ill jail and bury those committed and smother the rest in greed

private, off network
-Shifts, weapons, sick days, ++catering
-Jailhouse (Romana/security)
-Bath salts (as if I'll ever get to use them)
-Remind Castle about the 'no surprises' clause; possibly shoot him in the leg
-Transfer prisoners, keep hoping they disappear like a curse
-Remind the boys of the 'no flame throwers' rule
-...Look into ONE flamethrower to shut them the hell up
-Sleep, ever

public; video | flagged POLICE
I'd like to thank the citizens who stepped up to give us a hand in taking care of the sudden onslaught of crime in the City. It's good to know when it comes down to it, we can work together. Please be advised that while the violence has subsided, it is not entirely gone. Not that you need the warning, but be careful out there.

police memo (text; paper copies delivered to the LoM crew) | unhackable
Shifts are going to be switching up this week, to accomodate as best we can for the fact that everyone worked 24-plus since Monday. If you're stuck on first, I apologize but the choosing was completely random and arbitrary. Some of the backups have been injured or are otherwise down for a time from dealing with last night. I understand it's probably an insane request but if there are any volunteers for the first swing, I'd be grateful.

For those of you who will be around today, I'm having food catered in at about 2pm. First come - first serve, you animals.

I'd like to remind you all that visible identification is mandatory when on duty. This doesn't apply to just the station, this is any time you are on duty. If I keep seeing missing shields, there are going to be consequences. If you have a legitimate reason for a lack of ident, I better have a file signed by your supervisor about it.

And finally, I'm securing an abandoned slaughterhouse out on the northern outskirts of the City that we're going to start fitting to a jailhouse. It won't be anything spectacular for now but it should help this overflow a bit. I'm still getting to weapons and equipment paperwork and through the sick day requests, unfortunately things are going slower than I'd hope after the unrest.

to romana | unhackable
When you have a moment, I'd like to discuss security measures we might take on the new prison.

public | video
Haven't had a good spar since I got here. Better than a massage, I swear, so who's up for it? C'mon, I won't fire you if you beat me. I'm at the department gym and this punching bag just isn't doing it for me.

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