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police flag | public
This is Chief Kate Beckett. If there is anyone in the City with experience with viruses of this nature, your help would be appreciated. If you know someone, please direct them to an officer.

People, if you can get in and stay inside a secure area, it's your best bet at staying safe and out of harm's way. Officers are patrolling, and if you need help flag up a message to us and we'll be there as soon as possible. Some...faster than others.

If you have the capability, extra help in removing the sheep and containing anyone infected is more than welcome. Please do not put yourself in harm's way if you're not experienced or otherwise capable of providing help.

filter to the castle | private
Stay inside. Do not open the door for anything. If you need something, let me know. Board up your windows, keep the noise to a minimum and for the love of God don't try to be a hero, Castle.

filter to hospital employees | flagged to dr. chase
We're going to need infected control -- how's the hospital's capacity, or do we need to find an alternative place to start taking people? Is there a treatment? I need something, here.

filter to the "special" part of special assault | aka ken and dean
You two going to be worth anything to me today?

action | at the precinct
[Beckett stands in front of the room of officers, her arms crossed over her chest and a grim look on her face. The chaos outside had seemed to grow exponentially over the last week, especially after Mother's Day (her own encounter was much less than pleasant) and it didn't seem to be ready to abate any time soon.

She'd called an emergency meeting to try and organize the force into something more effective than the panic and clean up squad.]

I need all available officers and consultants out on the streets patrolling. People are being infected with--I can't believe I'm saying this--some kind of sheep-zombie virus. They don't seem to be attacking each other, but the infected have been targetting the uninfected.

Bearing that in mind, deadly force is not to be used against any infected citizens. There are some tranq guns in the arms cache, but unfortunately I'm not sure we have enough to arm everyone. Once an infected is down, for now just find a way to secure them safely and move on. Keep people inside and away from the sheep. As for the sheep -- I don't care how you do it, eliminate them. Shoot them, use a machete, whatever. We need to get them weeded down if we're going to get some kind of control over the situation.

I want you out in teams of at least two if we can manage it. No one should be out alone, and if you are bit, scratched -- if blood is drawn from you in any way by sheep or an infected, I want you back here as soon as possible and locked into one of the cells. The extra gear I ordered isn't in yet, so you'll have to make due with what we have.

If anyone has anything else to add, do it now. If not, you're dismissed and I'll see you out there.

[ooc: i'm off to work in about an hour, but feel free to bombard with questions and other officers feel free to interject and quickspam on your own from the meeting if you'd like!]
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