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Castle, Alexis. I want you locked in that beach house. Doors windows, everything. Do not open the door for anyone but me. I have a gun in my drawer along with one in the ottoman. Don't panic, be prepared. Laszlo escaped.

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I need all hands on deck -- Laszlo's out. Start at the prison, I want people stationed at the Underground entrances -- Special Assault, put together a team and get to the damn deity office. Get him back, get him locked down. I don't care how, just get Laszlo Jamf back in prison. Now.

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[Beckett looks worn, pissed and as if she's trying to appear less than frantic. Feeling like a failure has become a full time job in this place, and now she's not even sure she can protect her own friends.]
Earlier today, [ profile] laszlo_jamf escaped from prison. I won't insult you and make this a police-only matter, but please understand that this is a very dangerous situation. We're establishing a manhunt as we speak, but again I have to ask for those who are suited and willing to help. We're combing the area around the prison at the moment, mobilizing to the Underground entrances and sending officers out to the deity office.

[ooc: if other cops want to make posts about the break, feel free. if citizens want to comment on the sudden mass of police (which really isn't technically all that much but it would be an increased presence, feel free! business owners, maybe the cops ran through or cased your shopped in their search? also, feel free to have your character join up and search for laz, put together your own groups to hunt his ass down -- but don't expect to find him. yet. i will be out in a couple of hours and largely absent all tomorrow, so feel free to hijack and mobilize. beckett will authorize anything short of harming others to find laz.]
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