Feb. 1st, 2011

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police filter | private, backdated jan 28
This is an automated message, sent to all police and affiliates. This message has been activated because Kate Beckett has not checked in with her device in 48 hours.

video |
If you're receiving this message -- hrm, first off I might have been kidnapped by a psychotic genius vampire so head to Oh Aces and make sure Myrnin's still sane. If he's sane and I'm nowhere to be found, your next stop is the Hall of the Missing. And to find him a new babysitter to make sure he's staying within the confines of his parole.

Now, here comes the difficult part. I know a lot of you have been around awhile and some of you not so long. With me gone, it's really up to you to determine who takes my position, but I'm going to strongly recommend that you beg the new girl to do it. Ms. Lynde's capable, smart and she knows procedure even better than I do. When I say strongly I mean; if I was still here I'd be signing the paperwork over to her myself. As in; it's all drawn up and ready to go.

My files will be opened automatically to whomever you do select to receive highest clearance and the title of Chief. From then on, it's their show -- records are a mess, departments are barely held together and we have almost no budget. ...Have fun with that.

Aside from that, you'll find public directives and paper trails in my files. Don't worry, Chris -- if you shockingly do feel like reading up on those, you'll find hard copies in my filing cabinet under your name.

And if I'm back again in a few days, it'll to be a long deserved vacation. For now though, this is Beckett saying farewell.

[ ooc: obviously kate will not be around to speak with everyone, but cops should feel free to use the post to discuss whatever needs to be ICly, don't worry about my inbox as i'm turning off my notifs! feel free to handwave anything you'd find in beckett's files/instructions/etc (that doesn't damage her character please?) and remember that she and cameron were probably attached at the hip laying out procedure & etc! let me know if the backdating doesn't work out for you all and i'll be sure to change it! o7 ]


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