Mar. 22nd, 2010

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This is Det-- Acting Chief Kate Beckett speaking on behalf of the police department. On the afternoon of March 16, Mr. Harold Saxon, alias The Master, was arrested on charges of murder.

He has been released from custody this morning at 8:00am. He is cleared of all charges after questioning has lead us to no substantial evidence in his involvement of either the organ case or the rash of murders a few weeks ago. His activities don't constitute exactly as breaking any laws, as he didn't commit cannibalism and his state at the time of apprehension could not be qualified as lucid. However, he was in a lucid state at the time of release.

We are unable to give more detail, as the case is still under investigation, however we have gained intel and information will be released as we become confident the suspects we do have are verifiable. Questions after his whereabouts or doings will not be entertained, as well as details about the case ongoing. If anyone has any tips, please make use of the police hotline.

In addition, I would like to apologize to the victims of the recent cases and the City at large for our management of the case as a whole. I can't say enough how heinous and unforgivable the crimes that have been perpetrated on those of you who have fallen victim to them are, and all of us at the police department have you in our thoughts. Moving forward, we will be implementing and putting into place regulations and programs to mitigate what crime we can follow through the course of justice. This is in addition to the continuing investigation of these crimes.

[police filter | unhackable]
I hear rumors there used to be an escort service. We're going to be implementing it again, in order to try to prevent this garbage from happening again. You're all expected to assist and yes I'll be working on it as well. The lines are set up to request an escort and they will all forward to your devices. First person available that sees it will call it and go to the site to assist. If any of you have suggestions on it, speak up and we'll see what we can do.

Anybody got any intel on this Curse Brigade? We can use all the help we can get; I don't see why we can't do a little affiliation.

I'd like you all to welcome a new member to the force: Dean Winchester. He's experienced in paranormal investigations and I'm positive he'll be useful to this department. He's being added to the Special Assault Unit, so Ken, you'll have a little help in that department now.

[ooc: To move the Master along to full playability, here is his release notice! I hope this is acceptable; if anyone requires changes, toss me a PM and I'll get right to it.]


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