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The police department asks that anyone that witnessed or may have knowledge of any vampire attacks, missing persons gone unsolved or suspect memory tampering share the information with us. You can call the precinct or contact me here. Those who wish may remain anonymous.

This is regarding the arrest of a vampire named Myrnin, responsible for multiple kidnappings and murders.

In addition, anyone with information on a man/vampire called Sorrow should come forward. Investigation is currently under way into other possible murders enacted by this man.

police filter | private
We've lost another forensics specialist. Angela Montenegro is officially off the force.

police reports | made public upon request (which may be handwaved) italicized information under police filter
Arrest Report: Sorrow (ghost?, vampire) 10/06/10
Arresting officers: [ profile] absinthe_eyed, [ profile] dude_imbatman
Injured on duty: [ profile] bladed_siberian
Approx 11am ][ Hidaka arrives on the scene, physically encounters Sorrow with recent corpses; animal and one human. Minutes later, Pendleton arrives and issues a warning. Sorrow warns that a shot to the head will spare Hidaka's life. Pendleton discharges a bullet into Sorrow's cheekbone, no exit wound. Not dead, but Sorrow is disabled, hospitalized.

Winchester arrives on the scene as the shot is taken, Pendleton removes himself from the scene momentarily. Winchester advises paranormal advice to eliminate Sorrow, attempts to assess Hidaka's injuries. Hidaka and Pendleton opt to get the injured to the hospital.

Note: Pendleton claims some sort of supernatural encounter with Sorrow after being shot. Assumes it was an attempt at communication. Follow up necessary.

Injury reports attached: Ken Hidaka, Sorrow

In Progress Case Report: Myrnin (vampire) 10/05/10
Victims, see coroner's reports for more detail:
Jane Doe #1, missing brain. No other physical damage. Fingerprints on wrists, cranium. Left behind hair and particles.
Jane Doe #2, missing brain. No other physical damage. Fingerprints on cranium. Left behind hair.
Jane Doe #3, missing brain. No other physical damage. Fingerprints on wrists Left behind hair and particles.
Jane Doe #4, missing brain. No other physical damage. Fingerprints on wrists, cranium. Left behind hair and particles.
Jane Doe #5, throat torn out, major blood loss; forensic evidence most conclusive includes bite marks matching Myrnin's.
Jane Doe #6, throat torn out, fatal blood loss; forensic evidence of bite marks along with particles and prints.

Kate Beckett; kidnapped, assaulted. Released. Formal witness account below:
I knew Myrnin before the attack. I had taken shelter at Oh Aces once before, and openly opposed him before that. He'd made some posts on the Network; maybe one of those videos that just pops up when we don't want it to? I made mention that he was being stupid, allowing himself free reign when he clearly knew that he was dangerous and uncontrollable.

Late on the night of the kidnapping, I had been aware I was being followed for maybe three days prior. I didn't want to head back home out of concern for Castle and Alexis' well being, and out of denial myself, I decided to start looking into the missing persons cases. It was dumb, I'm aware -- but I was attempting to make a connection between the women somehow. And part of me wanted to get this stalker over with. I was at the obstacle course only a short time before I heard him.

I turned, and trained my weapon on him; I was startled and I was sure whoever it was, was my stalker. When I saw it was him, I lowered it. He was so fast; in that instant he was on me, and I must have fired, but he informed me later that I hit my head. It's a concussion, which possibly explains why I don't remember it clearly.

I was kept in the lab for near on a week, thought toward the end I was able to appeal to him for time alone for a bath. I was able to recover a device but by that time the effects of the concussion and what might have been tests or preparation left me unable to communicate my whereabouts clearly. I was caught and struggled with him, finally getting a window of opportunity to escape. I was able to stumble out to the outer sewer, and yelled for help, but it was obvious that he was simply toying with me.

The next three days are unclear. He would be gone for hours, leaving me alone in the cell with little water. At one point, near the end, he seemed to be struggling to keep it together, and I just took a chance. I had no other options left so I begged for my life. I appealed to whatever part of him was starting to make him weak, and finally I thought, he was doing it. I was going to be cut open and used for a computer.

Then I woke up to Pendleton shaking me and breathing fresh air. Immediately prior, he claims to have found Myrnin in the shadows, Menolly nearby. He was informed of my state and location and chose to find me. Hidaka showed up immediately upon Justin's departure and after a minor physical struggle, Myrnin allowed himself taken in.

He's been in one of the specialized cells in the basement of the precinct. Allowed monitored, unfiltered device access and sustenance as necessary.

Warehouse converted to a laboratory Underground. Map attached [file download]

Menolly, girlfriend;
Claims ignorance of details of Myrnin's doings. Claims to administer a 'serum' to cure his alleged mental instability.
Claims ignorance of Underground lab, though acknowledges existence of a second lab at Oh Aces.

**Has been granted visits to evaluate his state and administer drugs as needed.

Labs and residence searched by forensics. No evidence supporting the charges at Oh Aces or the lab located there. Particles and bagged evidence from Underground lab found in evidence drawer 398C.

off network | private

Always had cards to keep close to my chest before, but here they've tripled; if not quadrupled. Questioning the guys involved with Sorrow to get a comprehensive report; Ken even implied he thought I was chewing them out. Trying to get Menolly to see what she's enabling, when I'm not sure if she can see two steps ahead of her because of Myrnin's influence.

Tyler's out of control, worse than any of the cops have been since I've been here. Thinking of extending his probation, otherwise more drastic measures might have to be taken to keep him in line. He's not entirely wrong, but...we can't force people to do something they don't want to.

Grilling Sorrow to attempt to get any kind of remorse out of him. It's there; not as blatant as I'd hope, but there's something there. Have to keep digging.

[ooc: Cruuudely put together casefiles! Cops, feel free to add in your journals, just link back to whatever previous entries there are. Citizens you are able to see/speculate/act on them, they are public record ^^]
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